As a grassroots membership-based organization, the Muslim American Society (MAS) is only as effective as its members. Building a cohesive movement, with members that share a strong bond of brotherhood, sisterhood and Islamic-understanding, is a key enabler in MAS. MAS members come together to live Islam in its totality, align their lives with divine guidance, and translate the teachings of Islam into living models, relevant discourse, viable solutions, and constructive programs and services.
The most important privilege is the chance to work in an organized team towards a virtuous and just American society, to move people to strive for God-Consciousness, liberty & justice and to convey Islam with the utmost clarity.

While this can be done through many organizations, MAS members realize that there are many things that are unique about MAS: Tarbiya, organized Islamic work, movement orientation, brotherhood/sisterhood, moderation, comprehensiveness, and personal development all with a distinct American-Muslim identity.

While other organization focuses on one aspect of activism, spirituality or knowledge, we ensure that our members are well rounded and balanced.


2322 Walsh Ave.

Santa Clara, CA 95051

Phone (408) 430-7355

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MAS Bay Area is a 501(c)(3) Organization (Tax ID# 20-5595580) | All Donations are Tax-Deductible