Islamic Education
AS strives to equip all members with a certain level of proficiency in basic Islamic sciences. This is done by delivering in-house and outsourced educational components in a structured format. Here are some of the fundamental Islamic education seminars that MAS Bay Area organized in the past.
Sciences of the Quran | Dr. Khalid Bahjiri (Summer 2021)
Session 1:”From Revelation to Compilation”
Session 2:”Reasons for Evelations and Abrogation in the Quran”
Session 3:”Suras of the Quran: Names and Purpose”
Session 4:”Suras of the Quran: The Beginning and Ending”
Session 5:”Systematic Approach to Understanding Suras of the Quran”

Author’s Discussion Series

Dr. Adil Salahi

Discussing his different books on the seerah of Prophet Mohamed.

Social Justice

Transforming Communities: Learning from the Legacy of our Black Community

Organized by MAS National