As a grassroots organization, our volunteers here at MAS play a critical role in connecting our development and civic engagement work with the community. Submit your application today and join our Volunteer Network!

Here’s the process for becoming a Volunteer:

  1. Fill out the application below.
  2. RSVP & come to our events. We can get to know you and help match you up with the best opportunity to fit your availability, skills, and interests.
  3. Depending on the type of role you wish to play, you may be asked to come in for additional training!
  4. You’ll be added to our email list for regular updates on opportunities and next steps for action.
  • Please indicate your area(s) of interest.
  • We love to know you well to make your volunteering experience with MAS beneficial and rewarding for everyone. Please tell us about your education, skills, career track or plan, volunteering activities, etc.
  • Flyers, social media, emails, attended a program, family member, friend. Please mention the name of any MAS member who referred you to our organization.
  • School volunteering, corporate volunteering, personal life cause, interest in specific MAS programs, self-development, etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.