6 Reasons Why You (& Your Family) Should Participate in Seerah Quest!

  1. Understanding the life of the best role model. Through Seerah Quest, everyone can recall the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), understand key moments in Islamic history and his decision making, remember his unique and generous personality, and emulate his dignified values to their daily lives. 
  2. Building inspiration and community. Seerah Quest brings together children, parents, and community members in a shared celebration of Islamic knowledge and values through the lens of the Prophet’s (PBUH) life. Participants develop a strong sense of community and unity, promoting cooperation and understanding among different families and cultures.
  3. Platform for youth. Seerah Quest gives the youth of our community a chance to develop their oratory skills, build enthusiasm for increasing Islamic knowledge, volunteer to serve their community in a meaningful way, and most importantly, know the Prophet (PBUH) through accessible texts and timeframes. 
  4. Healthy dose of competition. As a competition, Seerah Quest can foster a healthy sense of competition, spurring team members to work harder, strategize smarter, and find new ways to learn and engage Islamic knowledge. It can also be a powerful motivator for youth to challenge themselves and foster a desire to improve and achieve their best in their religious development. 
  5. Strengthening friendships and family relationships. Youth develop new life-long friendships with their teammates, strengthen existing bonds, and create a shared sense of purpose. Parents and children can also play a crucial role in motivating and guiding their children, leading to a deeper connection and understanding between them.
  6. Everyone wins – literally! Seerah Quest helps everyone know the Message and Messenger better, providing a lifetime of guidance. If that wasn’t enough, one of the unique features of this competition is that everyone who participates gets a prize.