Small Business Spotlight: Muhajiba Abayas

My inspiration for Muhajiba came from my own journey of finding love and confidence in dressing modestly. I absolutely love wearing abayas and feel like the most empowered and beautiful version of myself when I do. I wanted to share this sentiment with others and had a mission to empower women to find love and confidence in dressing modestly.

Being a Muslim woman in a non-Muslim country presents unique challenges and issues. At the top of the list is the difficulty of finding modest clothing from larger chain brands. There’s always a surprise slit or an unexpected cut somewhere, or if that’s not the case, the need to layer it with a cardigan or leggings can be quite cumbersome, especially in hot summer weather. And when you do stumble upon that “unicorn dress” that meets all your modesty requirements, it often doesn’t align with your budget. We’ve all been there! That’s precisely why, when I was working with my design team in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, I made sure to address these concerns without compromising on quality and design.

It took me about seven months to design my first collection, from choosing color swatches to mastering embroidery and embellishment techniques, and sourcing the highest quality fabrics such as silk nida, crepe, and georgette-chiffon blends. It was a tedious process, but I’m grateful that I undertook it. The response from sisters who have purchased and worn these abayas has inspired me to keep moving forward.

I’m also excited to talk about our inclusive size range and design scheme.. When I say Muhajiba abayas were made for all women, it’s evident in our commitment to offer sizes from 50 to 60, ensuring that women of all sizes, body shapes, and heights can find their perfect fit. A similar approach was taken when finalizing our designs, with a variety of cuts and styles, from butterfly and a-line cuts to flared princess sleeves and jilbabs, to make sure there’s not only a size but also a style for every woman. We also provide alteration services for 1:1 adjustments and tweaks to designs, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

While it required dedication to create spectacular designs that go beyond the traditional all-black abaya (though black is timeless), I’ve experimented with a range of colors, from pastels to jewel tones, earthy schemes, and neutrals. In addition to the stunning color palette, many of these abayas feature intricate embroidery and 3D embellishments, while others offer minimal details for a more understated style. I want sisters to be able to find an abaya for every occasion, whether it’s for Friday prayers, a special event, time with friends, work, or everyday errands.

I’ve worked diligently to ensure we maintain both quality and affordability. All abayas come with matching scarves, under slip, and belts, depending on the style.

Muhajiba’s goal is to provide accessible modest apparel with a wide variety of designs and textures, an inclusive size range, and an economical price point. There’s something for every woman in my collection. Ultimately, I pray that this brand becomes a source of gaining Allah’s pleasure and that I continue to inspire, encourage, and empower women through my work with Muhajiba.

I’d also like to mention that, given the current situation in Palestine, our small business has been will be continuing donating generous portions of profits to our communities in Palestine. I urge all Muslim business owners, global communities, and individuals to do the same. 

Our Palestinian brothers and sisters need our support more than ever, and we must unite, not just in our prayers and voices, but also in generous donations to help them.

– With love Muhajiba *Palestinian flag emoji*✨