Ramadan Quran Gems

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! Today marks day 12 of Ramadan, which means we’re already a third of the way through this blessed month and approaching the halfway point. The Quran describes Ramadan as “a number of days,” emphasizing the short duration of this special time, so we should make the most of every moment.

If you’ve been following our newsletter, you’ve likely seen the Quran gems we’ve been sharing. But if you missed them, no worries! We’ve included them below. Each Quran mind map is a visual representation of a chapter of the Quran, providing an overview of the themes and takeaways from that chapter. We want to encourage everyone to take full advantage of this month of Quran by reading and reflecting on the Quran regularly.

Since the beginning of Ramadan, we’ve been sharing a mind map for a different chapter of the Quran each day. And on this 13th night of Ramadan, we’ll be sharing the mind map for the 13th chapter of the Quran in our newsletter. Plus, we’ve added a bonus chapter (ch.14) at the end of this post, so be sure to scroll down! To read the rest of the Quran mind maps, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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