We haven’t blogged in a long time…let’s just blame it on Covid. We’re super excited to reconnect with you, our members, friends and the San Francisco Bay Area community on this blog.

At MAS Bay Area, our mission is to: 

  • Nurture People, and
  • Inspire Change

We hope by providing  a more personal look into the lives of Bay Area Muslims and their daily struggles, this blog will encourage youth and young professionals (like you!)  to develop both spiritually and intellectually, and inspire new ideas about ways you can serve the community.


Staying steadfast on the path is not easy. A sincere commitment to developing and surrounding yourself with trusted companions can help us along the journey. And as we develop and gain knowledge and practice, then and only then we can start to positively influence those around us, those we care about, like our families, our friends, our neighbors…and the entire Bay Area community.

What are we planning for the blog? There’s a lot of content on the web already and there are many topics we can write about, but our focus in this blog is to share experiences and reflections on issues that young and young professional Muslims based in the Bay Area can relate to. Over the coming months, we plan on to do the following:

  1. Highlight impactful stories from the amazing day-to-day work of our staff and volunteers
  2. Share reflections from participants on their experiences with spiritual development (tazkiyah) and other educational and nurturing (tarbiyah) programs
  3. Focus on relevant themes for Bay Area youth and young professionals to help them navigate the spiritual challenges of  modern life

And of course, we will provide periodic updates on upcoming MAS Bay Area’s educational programs at the various Islamic centers and communities.

We hope you follow this blog and share your stories, ideas and feedback!!

Thank you and peace be upon you!

MAS Bay Area