The annual Qur’an Quest draws hundreds of contestants in teams to a day-long competition for locally-sponsored prizes in an effort to understand God’s Divine Word. Memorization is not required (just tafseer (explanation) in this youth-centered signature event aimed at incubating love and energy for the Qur’an into our youth.

8th Annual Quran Quest
Saturday, February 2
MCA, Santa Clara
Registration Fee: $100 per team.

Contest Details:

  • Form your team (2-5 People)
  • $100 Registration Fee per team
  • Memorization not required
  • New Tafsir !
  • New Competition rules for Levels 1 & 2, learn more here.

Study Guide:

  • Level One (4th-5th grades): Surah Luqman
  • Level Two (6th-8th grades): Surah Al- Quasas
  • Level Three (9th – 12th grades): Surah Ghafir
  • Level Four ( Friends and Family) : Surah Ghafir and Surah Qaf

For any questions or clarifications about Quran Quest, Please Contact us at:

Our 2017 Winners!


2116 Walsh Ave. Suite #B

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Phone (408) 657-8627

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