The San Francisco Muslim Running Club (SFMRC) was started to bring together Bay Area Muslims while promoting health and fitness in the community. The group has expanded to South Bay and East Bay and now features runs across the Bay Area. Each run starts with a round of introductions and a dua, and ends with something social, like grabbing a meal together. The group is open to all levels of runners and is a great way to meet new people and make friends!

Just in case we didn’t convince you in our last post, today we interviewed another member of SFMRC: A*, a local runner who was raised in NorCal and works in BioPharma. She has lived in the Bay Area for about five and half years. Read on for her take on why SFMRC is the group to join if you want to find community and increase your fitness! 

MAS: What has your experience with SFMRC been like?

A: The running club has allowed me to find a Muslim community of likeminded folks that I didn’t think was possible. It is an inclusive community full of supportive Muslims who encourage each other to stay active. Running has usually been a solo activity for me and can often be lonely, so running as a group and finding community has been an incredible blessing. I have met Muslims from all over and of various ages through this running club and think that is a really great way to make new Muslim friends.

MAS: Why did you join, and then go on to stay as an active member?

A: When I first moved to the Bay Area, I found it hard to find a Muslim community that I felt like I belonged in; many people seemed to have known each other for decades, if not their whole lives, so it was difficult to find a welcoming community. A friend of mine was the one who started the club, and she wanted more people who run regularly to come out, so I thought that I might be able to help in some way in forming this community. I continue to attend and help organize this running group because it helps me stay on track with my running and fitness, as well as helps me feel connected to a Muslim community. I didn’t grow up in a very large Muslim community, so having friends that can help you grow in your faith while also promoting a healthy lifestyle has been irreplaceable.

MAS: What are some things you learned from joining SFMRC, and how has that translated to other aspects of your life?

A: I have learned how to pace myself in running and that consistency is key. No matter what level you are starting your running journey at, you will improve as long as you stay consistent. I think this concept can apply to so many things in life, including faith. Being consistent and having the humility to know that there is always room for improvement is so important to helping yourself strengthen your deen.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! For more information about SFMRC and how to get involved, remember to check out their Instagram page @sf.mrc

*Name has been omitted per interviewee’s request.