40 Nawawi Hadith Class

Get ready for an exciting adventure as we take a deep dive into the Commentary on the Forty Hadith by Jamaal Zarabozo. We’ll gradually delve into the wisdom of the 40 Nawawi hadith. Our main goal during this journey is to uncover the important meanings and lessons from these hadith. 

About Br. Tariq Alkhasib:

Dr. Tariq is an active member of the community who’s deeply passionate about Islamic education. He contributes by conducting engaging classes that positively impact the community. With an ijazah in the 40 Nawawi hadith, he led an insightful 18-month program, sharing the wisdom of these teachings. The program concluded with participants receiving ijazas.

Tariq holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and currently works in the high-tech industry

40-Nawawi Haith Class

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