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What is MAS?

Since 1992, the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Muslim American Society has been an active grassroots, community organization that works to educate, organize, and empower the Muslim community to be active, contributing citizens who play a significant role towards positive social and spiritual change. MAS Bay Area is a chapter of Muslim American Society. Our Mission is to develop role models, agents of change and thought leaders to create synergy among Muslim community to positively influence Bay Area society at large.

What is an Usra?

The MAS usra is a program of self-development and activism. The central goal of the usra is tarbiya, continual personal development at all levels. It is a spiritually-focused, activism-oriented program that develops the individual and explores issues of da’wah and working for Islam as a central priority in life. MAS offers the usra program to help its committed members persist on an organized, systematic path of self-development and community service.

Usra Application

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