Youth Ilm Summer Program

Do You Look for a Unique Experience for your Child this Summer?

MAS Bay Area is hosting a Two-Weeks YOUTH ‘ILM Summer Program for middle and high schoolers taking our youth through a deep-dive into Core Islamic Education and reshaping their relationship with Quran, Prophetic Hadith & Prayer.

Program Details

  • This day-camp will let our youth enjoy an interesting journey with the Sciences of the Quran from revelation to compilation.
  • They will also have the opportunity to spend quality time with some of the most relevant Hadiths of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).
  • Putting this into action, youth will redefine their experience with prayer and learn the best ways to reach a tranquil prayer following the footsteps of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).
  • To magnify the importance of role models in their lives, our youth will go over the bios of the four respected Imams, reflect on their lives and discuss how to follow their footsteps.


For now we accept only girls regirations, boys classes are full. JAK for your interest in our program