Ship of Prayer

Imam Fuad Bio

Imam Fuad is a visiting lecturer with MAS Bay Area. Imam Fuad grew up in Seattle Washington, where he now resides. At a young age, he started seeking knowledge with his local imam. After completing high school, he traveled to Egypt to attend al-Azhar, and then returned to serve the Seattle community as an Imam and a lecturer at different masjids. He has also established learning centers for children, youth and adults. He has earned Ijazahs (licenses) in many fields of Islamic Sciences, including over 50 Ijazahs hadith and its sciences, fiqh, and tafsir. Imam Fuad attends the University of Washington pursuing a double major in Community Psychology and Educational Studies as well as a minor in Policy Studies. Imam Fuad was born in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. He’s married and is a father of 3 children. He is a lover of Islamic history, and loves to read.