6th Annual Seerah Quest. October 21st, 2023

Level 1 (Grades 4-5)


Book: When The Moon Split


For level 2

Registration for level 2 is now CLOSED as we have reached maximum capacity, thank you.

Level 3 (Grades 9-12)

Book: The Complete Forty Hadith

Book: The Seerah of the Final Prophet

Author: Sharif H Banna

Level 4 (Family & Friends)

Book: Commentary on the Forty Hadith (Page 91 to 374 – Vol 1) Hadith #1 to #5 

Author: Jamaal Zarabozo

(Muhsen Level -1)

Book:  Prophet of Peace

(Muhsen Level -2)

Book: My Prophet Muhammad

Buy your level’s book(s) from the MCA bookstore at a discounted price!

Competition Process:


  • Each team will be seated around a table. Two blank sheets, a pen, and a team sign will be provided on each table.
  • Each team should identify its pen owner/writer, and its team leader who will make the final decision on the answer.
  • All teams must listen to the contest rules and obey them.
  • All teams will participate simultaneously in all rounds.
  • All teams will answer both multiple choice and short answer questions. 
  • Top scoring teams will be announced after the final round and will receive a special prize, in addition to the small gift that all participants will receive.
  • For more information on guidelines check out the link here

                                                                       For any question, contact us at: seerah.quest@masbayarea.org