MAS Teen Talk is a virtual online program for Teens that takes place every day

from 1-2pm (Pacific Standard Time) , starting Sunday 3/15.

Teens come learn, hangout, discuss, and share information and ideas. Tell your friends!
Initial topics include: Spirituality, Psychology, Stories of the Prophets, Life Questions, Relationship Questions, Games, Trivia, Competitions, Helping Others, Stories of the Sahabah, Connecting with the Quran, Group Exercises, Life with the Corona Virus, Q/A sessions, and more.
Topic leaders include cool speakers from  the Bay Area and Boston:
Sarmad Bukhari, Bhawana Kamel, Farah Daher, Moath Othman and Fatima Akil  from The Bay area and  Najiba Akbar, Hoda ElSharkawi, Asmaa AlKabti, Karin Feroza, Hana Khalil and Hossam Al Jabri from Boston and many others.

Bios are coming shortly.

To engage, register below!

MAS Teen Talk

MAS teen Talk is a daily online program for Teens organized by MAS Bay area in collaboration with MAS Boston
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