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Ramadan Challenges 

Test out your knowledge of the Quran throughout Ramadan. 


Challenge 1

Ramadan in the Quran\Names of the Quran


Challenge 2

 From Revelation to Compilation

Link: https://forms.gle/Nk9V5EFwiLGky4ix6 

Challenge 3

Prophets and Animals in the Quran

Link: https://forms.gle/mpVcKz3pzCumRdqY9

Challenge 4

The Concept of Abrogation in the Quran https://forms.gle/opNFZecYdZHrEX4YA 

Challenge 5


Challenge 6

Who is Allah? Names and Attributes of Allah https://forms.gle/N59vJKeXjoE2DQos9

Challenge 7

Challenge 8