Quran Quest
Quran Quest is a great way to advance in Quranic and Islamic knowledge via studying selected Surat Tafseer. Healthy competition ensures a fun experience for all!

Quran Quest is celebrating the 10th year by hosting a new level featuring, An Introduction To The Sciences Of The Qur’an book. Open to 9th – 12th grades plus family and friends.

Download Study Materials

Level 1 (4th-5th grade): Tafseer of Surat Al Mulk, Al Qalam, Al Haaqqa, Al Maarij, and Nuh. (PDF File)

Level 2 (6th-8th grade): Tafseer of Surah Taha (PDF File)

Level 3 ( 9th- 12 grade): Tafseer of Surah Yunus (PDF File)

Level 4 ( Family & friends): Tafseer of Surah Yunus (PDF File)

Level 5 Special (9th-12th grade- Friends & family): Study “Introduction to the science of the Quran” book (Amazon Link)

Schedule and Guidelines


We are sorry for not accepting any more team registrations. Please check back next year for our new season of Quran Quest!