Quran Quest

11th Annual

February 4th 2023

 MCA  3003 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054

 Quran Quest is a great way to advance in Quranic and Islamic knowledge via studying selected Surat Tafseer. Healthy competition ensures a fun experience for all!

Presentation competition and Telawa (recitation) Show

Competition levels:

Level 1

(4th-5th grade)

Surat Alfajr to Surat alhumaza

Level 2

(6th-8th grade)

Surah “Alanbiya”

Level 3

( 9th-12 grade)

Surat Al-Fath | Surat Al Hujurat

Level 4

( Family & friends)

Surah Hud

Level Muhsen

(special needs)

Surat Al-Nasr to Surah Al-Nas

  • Quran Quest is offering an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the Surah by participating in an optional presentation competition for levels 1,2, and 3.
  • Looking for the talents in the Telawa (recitation) Show! Share your video reciting the given Quran Quest competition Surat for your level.

Check the guideline file for more information.