MAS Bay Area Solidarity

with the Black Community


MAS Bay Area stands strongly in solidarity with Black communities locally and across the country in light of the recent murder of George Floyd and the countless attacks against Black lives. Our sense of justice has been shaken at its core by the continuous violence Black people face from police brutality and white supremacy. We condemn, as strongly and unequivocally as we can, all forms of systemic racism, violence and oppression against Black people in the United States, and globally. Our country’s 400-year history of slavery, continued institutionalized racism and violence against the Black community remains antithetical to the values and principles we define ourselves by.
Honoring the call to action made by Black Muslim leaders in California and Nevada, and as a chapter of the Muslim American Society, MAS Bay Area reaffirms our solidarity with the Black community through our statement from MAS – Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (PACE) . As a member of the Northern California Islamic Council, we also took part in issuing its Statement of Solidarity With Our Black Brothers and Sisters .
We, MAS Bay Area, are committed to cherishing the Black members of our Muslim community, the Black members of our communities in the Bay Area, and the nation at large. We are committed to pursuing Black justice. We commit ourselves to unlearning the biases and reforming the systems that allow Black people to be subjugated. We commit ourselves to dismantling the systems of racist hierarchy and subjugation that criminalize and brutalize Black people. We commit ourselves to anti-racism instead of anti-Blackness.

Internally, we commit ourselves to thinking through an organizational structure and culture that will allow us to be more open and accessible for Black Muslim members, and move away from the culture that sees erases and alienates Black Muslims. Locally, we commit ourselves to building, sustaining, and cherishing relationships with Black organizations, causes, and mosques in the Bay Area.


Calls to Action

We begin by urging our membership and the Muslim community to answer the call that was made, and take immediate action to do the following:
  1. Call Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison at 651.296.3353 or 800.657.3787 (outside the twin cities); 800.627.3529 (Minnesota Relay) demanding that all the officers involved in the murder of George Floyd be held accountable, immediately charged and investigated. Sample call: “My name is ___ and I am demanding that all officers on site in the murder of George Floyd be held accountable. They must be immediately arrested, charged, and investigated for murder.”
  2. Each organization, center and institution must issue a public statement of solidarity with our Black communities as was requested by Black Muslim leaders.
  3. On June 5th, every sermon and speech should be dedicated to addressing police brutality, anti-Blackness, and racism.
  4. Muslim organizations, institutions and centers must commit to addressing anti-Blackness internally in their organizations through training, education, dialogue, and a firm commitment to accountability. There must also be an external commitment to work with Black communities in their local cities & regions as allies.
  5. Join local efforts to uplift justice and equity for the Black community, including calls to action, protests. History is being made and we must not sit on the sidelines.
  6. Donate to support efforts on the ground in Minneapolis and other cities protesting against police brutality, as well as to Black communities:
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund – Bail support for protesters that have been arrested in Minneapolis
  • Black Visions Collective – Black-led organization in Minneapolis organizing to uplift and support the Black community and transformative justice
  • Masjid An-Nur – A mosque in Minneapolis collecting Zakat or Sadaqah to support its financially struggling members
  • People’s Breakfast Oakland – Black-led grassroots organization in Oakland currently supporting bail for protesters, that also serves the Oakland community, particularly through its free breakfast program.