Salam dear MAS Bay Area Members,

I pray you and your families are doing well and preparing to relax and enjoy the few days off this Thanksgiving Weekend. Allah Taala started His Quran with al-Fatiha which starts with Alhamdullilah to remind us to always be grateful to Him. His bounties on us are countless. As a chapter we are starting to slowly get back to activities in our office after more than a year of virtual or no activity. That’s a blessing, alhamdullilah.
To update you on our work: members of the Executive Council are making sure the office space is safe and ready for use by our members, our taxes are paid, our website is functional and our members are joining the communities of service (CoS). It doesn’t sound like much, but for volunteers these few items are keeping us busy. In addition, we are collaborating with the board on reviewing our membership classification and hiring staff to better run our chapter.
The current main users of our space are the youth (ages 9-16): Three boys and three girls halaqat, and all are full to capacity except for one. Sr. Fatima Akile oversees this program, working with a dedicated group of youth and young professionals, may Allah reward them all, and bless their efforts.
In September we met with Usrah leaders to work with them on transitioning members to CoSs. In October we invited members who completed the original survey to an orientation to launch their CoS. We currently have 6 CoSs, and there is room to add members in all of them:
  1. Tiger team – in charge of all CoSs
  2. Youth
  3. Young professionals
  4. Islamic Education
  5. Social Justice
  6. Spiritual development (Tazliyyah)
On Saturday December 4th (9am) we are inviting you to an orientation to join or start a new CoS. We recommend you choose a CoS before the meeting and inform us of your choice. Email me or any EC members or any Tiger CoS member with your choice.
How to choose a CoS? The topic needs to be something YOU are passionate about and believe in and are interested to spend time to explore and implement. To help you choose a CoS:
  • Check this document for some ideas: I am Passionate about.
  • Discuss with other MAS members/friends and come up with any new idea
  • Some suggested ideas by members include: Muslim Family, Astronomy, Big/Little Sister/Brother, Teaching Arabic to our children,…
  • The options are endless. You decide your topic of interest and find others to join you.
Remember our MAS Bay Area Mission:

Develop role models, activists, and thought leaders who will help create synergy among the Muslim Community and positively influence Bay Area society at large.


Nihad Mourad
MAS Bay Area