Salam MAS Bay Area members,

Last month, right after Ramadan the members of EC and BoD had their first joint retreat, which consisted of 2 meetings of about a total of five hours. The agenda included community building and chapter goal planning. We are excited to announce that we are looking for a new larger place to better suit our needs. This search was dropped after the start of the pandemic last year, but now we are resuming looking for a new place. Another important goal we’re working on is hiring paid staff to be able to implement our chapter plans. We all know that an institution of our size and talent needs dedicated staff to reach its goals. Keep us in your dua.

We are starting 4 CoSs, so check which fits your passion:

  1. Social service CoS: are you noticing the homeless and beggars increasing in our streets? Does your heart ache wishing you could help? Join this CoS and work with other passionate folks to study the situation and devise plans to do what we can to alleviate the suffering. An immediate need is to support Sr. Bhawana on the Backpack project this summer.
  2. Social justice Cos: have you marched for Palestine wishing you can end the suffering? Did you attend rallies condemning AAPI hate? Are you following BLM and the continuous injustice inflicted on our black brothers and sisters? Join this CoS to work with other members who want to make a change in our local community, American society and the whole world. An immediate need is to keep the issue of Palestine visible to all.
  3. Islamic Education CoS: do you wish you can teach every Muslim about prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his distinct character and merciful nature? Do you wish that every Muslim understand the Book of Allah and our beautiful religion? Do you want to get the reward of bring Muslims closer to their Creator by deeply knowing their Lord? Join this CoS and the immediate need of planning the upcoming Seerah Quest in October.
  4. Youth CoS: do you wish to prepare the next generation of Muslim leaders? Are you concerned that our youth learn their roles as Muslim Americans? Do you wish to get the reward of strengthening the islamic identity in our young Muslims? Join this CoS and plan youth activities with the immediate need of working for a youth camp in Labor Day.

    Please Reply back with your choice of CoS to join.