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Become a Ramadan Ready Lady!

March 20 th, 2021

10:00 am -12:00 pm PST Time
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Let’s join together with our women’s tribe to help each other become *Ramadan Ready Ladies!

We will discuss ideas on how to decorate the home and get the whole family excited! We will share tips and tricks of making this the healthiest Ramadan ever, dibs on the latest scientific research behind fasting and intermittent fasting and most importantly, how to feel deeply connected to Allah (swt) this Ramadan and organize our Ibadah (psst… and you know that mid-Ramadan Iman slump? Yes, we have a contingency plan for that too)!

Speaker highlights

Dr. Yasmin Kagzi

Weight loss Physician and Health Blogger – Science of fasting and its benefits

Umm Umamah

Teacher at Umamah Learning Academy – Harnessing the power of Allah’s name and constructing powerful duas

Sara Mertaban

Creator of Eid Collective and Girl Refurbished – Ramadan home decorating and preparation tips and tricks

Asmaa Badr

Founder of Anissa Fitness – How to come out of this Ramadan physically strong and healthy

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