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This Years Event

2020 has been an extraordinary year and we are excited to bring a unique virtual convention addressing some of the most important issues facing us a Muslims, Americans, and members of the human race right now.

Join us this Thanksgiving for the biggest and most inspiring event of the year.

Join us for a reimagined and revitalized experience of the Convention like never before: all from the comfort of your home.

The Muslim American Society GLA chapter is bringing you and your families the 23rd Annual Convention:

“Rise Up to the Moment”.

Against the political, social, and cultural currents of our society, Muslims should be harnessing and leading the tide of reform in this society. Because we understand that social reform is always coupled with personal reform as Muslims committed to pleasing Allah.

Join us on Thanksgiving weekend to hear from scholars, fuqaha’, political leaders, speakers, activists, and young people on what it takes for us as a collective to instill the change we want to see.

Buy your tickets early for a discounted price

Before October 11th :  $15 off Family Ticket  –  $10 off Adult/Student Ticket

Before October 31th :  $10 off Family Ticket  –  $5 off Adult/Student Ticket

For Questions please email convention.registration@masgreaterla.org